The home of traditional Portuguese footwear.

We pay frequent visits to our handpicked factories in Portugal, the home of traditional Portuguese footwear. Our workers are paid a fair salary and work in a healthy labour environment.   

Traditional shoemaking is a passionate and lengthy process.

We’re talking pure craftsmanship. Our shoes are primarily handcrafted, with a little help from tools and machines. We manufacture In small factories by a selected team of skilled craftsman. Using traditional techniques that have been handed down generation by generation. From father to son.

We work only with best available Italian cow leather and suede.

By using full leather linings in our shoes, we provide a natural and luxurious alternative to the current sneaker offering in the market place.

And unlike other sneakers, they smell pretty good in the long-term too, if you get our drift! Our outer soles are made of rubber, a natural product that ages respectfully, providing maximum comfort and durability. Worlds away from the mass production of synthetic sportswear products sold in the major sportswear chains.