Parbleu began with one guy.

A sneaker enthusiast in heart and soul. Growing up in the eighties and nineties, he watched from the side-lines the phenomenal rise of US and German sportswear brands. Too young to buy those air-filled masterpieces, yet old enough to understand their significance. When he was eventually able to buy his own footwear he finally got to nurture what was by then a healthy sneaker fetish. And put together an awe-inspiring collection of the best the sneaker industry had to offer.

But as he grew older, his tastes changed. Moving towards the so-called classic sneakers. The simpler the better. And it’s with this attitude we design our sneakers today: sophisticated retakes on classic silhouettes. Using extraordinary premium materials, to provide you with a superior sneaker for a fair price.


Established with one mission in mind

To provide high quality, classic, luxury sneakers. And all of this at an affordable price.
No compromises.  


From our experience in the footwear industry, we knew that the price a customer paid was simply not in balance with the cost price. Why? Because there were too many people who needed to benefit from each product sold: designers, shoe manufacturers, brand owners, distributors and retailers. The result? A disproportionate quality/cost relationship. Or to put it simply – an overpriced product.

So, what if we could change the way we sell our footwear? Develop luxury sneakers without the designer price-tag. The best sneakers around at the best price too.

And so Parbleu Footwear was born in 2017.

Our product development

We manufacture In small factories by a selected team of skilled craftsman. Using traditional techniques that have been handed down generation by generation. From father to son.


Parbleu is a brand with a true belief in independent retail stores. We want to collaborate with stores who have the same passion and drive as we do.

Stores that choose quality over quantity. That refuse to compromise. We are proud of the stores that carry our brand. Because in carrying our brand, they also carry our message.